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CABELLO : From cabello meaning "hair", used as a nickname for a man with a large amount of hair.

CABRAL : Means "a place of goats" from Latin capra "goat".

CABRERA : Place name meaning "place of goats" from Latin capralis which is derived from Latin capra "goat".

CADWALLADER : From the given name CADWALADER.

CAIAZZO : From the place name Caiazzo, a little city near Naples.

CAITO : Occupational name from the Sicilian càjitu "official" or "leader", ultimately from Arabic qāḍī "judge".

CAIVANO : Locative surname from the town of Caivano in the province of Casserta near Naples.

CALABRESE : Originally given to a person from the region of Calabria in southern Italy.

CALDWELL : From various English place names derived from Old English ceald "cold" and well "spring, stream, well".


CALLAGHAN : Anglicized form of Irish Ó Ceallacháin meaning "descendant of CEALLACHÁN".


CALLIGARIS : Means "shoemaker" in Italian.

CAMERON : Means "crooked nose" from Gaelic cam "crooked" and sròn "nose".

CAMPANA : From an Italian nickname meaning "bell".

CAMPBELL : From a Gaelic nickname cam béul meaning "wry or crooked mouth". The surname was later represented in Latin documents as de bello campo meaning "of th...

CAMPO : Locative surname used both in Spain and Italy meaning "field". It comes from various place names such as Campo Calabro (in Reggio Calabria), Campo di ...

CAMPOS : Portuguese and Spanish variant of CAMPO.

CANNON : From the ecclesiastical usage of canon, referring to a church official.

CANTRELL : Habitational name for someone from Cantrell in Devon, from an unknown first element and Old English hyll meaning "hill".

CANTU : From Cantu, a town located in Italy near Como in Lombardy. It is extremely common in Mexico.

CAOMHÁNACH : Irish Gaelic form of KAVANAGH.

CAPELLO (1) : From Late Latin capa meaning "cloak, cape". This was a name for one who made or wore cloaks.

CAPELLO (2) : Nickname for a trickster, from the Italian word capello meaning "trick", which is ultimately derived from the Latin word capullum.

CAPELLO (3) : From capella "chapel", a place name for someone who lived by a chapel or an occupational name for someone who worked in one.

CAPITANI : Occupational surname meaning "captain" in Italian.

CARBONE : From a nickname carbone meaning "coal".


CARDONA : From the name of a Catalan town.

CARDOZO : From the name of a place meaning "thorny".

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