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FABBRI : Means "blacksmith", from latin faber.

FABBRO : Means "blacksmith" in Italian.

FABEL : Derived from a diminutive of the given name FABIAN.

FABIAN : Derived from the given name FABIAN.

FABRE : Derived from Latin faber "blacksmith".

FABRON : Meas "blacksmith" from Latin faber.

FAERBER : Variant spelling of FÄRBER.

FAIRBAIRN : Means "beautiful child" in Middle English.

FAIRBURN : From a place name which meant "fern stream", from Old English fearn "fern" and burna "stream".

FAIRCHILD : Means "beautiful child" in Middle English.

FAIRCLOUGH : From Old English, meaning "fair cliff".

FALCO : Derived from Italian falco "falcon". The name was used to denote either a falconer, a person who resembled a falcon in some way, or a person living on...

FALK : From Old Norse falker or Middle High German valke "falcon".

FALKENRATH : Means "keeper of the falcon" with falk from the Germanic valke for "falcon" and rath meaning "keeper".

FAN : From Chinese 范 (fàn) meaning "bee".

FANNON : From the Irish Ó Fionnáin which meant "descendant of FIONN".

FARAGÓ : Means "woodcutter, hewer" in Hungarian.

FARALDO : From an old German name Farwald, meaning unknown. It is borne in the area of Genoa.

FARINA : From a nickname indicating somebody who produces "meal" or "flour", that is a miller.

FARKAS : Means "wolf" in Hungarian.

FARMER : Occupational name for a tax collector, from Middle English farme "rent, revenue, produce, meal", which was derived via medieval Latin from Old English...

FARNHAM : Indicated a person from Farnham, England.

FARRELL : Anglicized form of Irish Ó Fearghail meaning "descendant of FEARGHAL".

FARRO : Derived from a location on Sicily, Italy where a wheat called Farro is found.

FASHINGBAUER : From Fasching, a German carnival (Fastnacht meaning "eve of the beginning of the fast", or the time before Lent) celebrated in Austria and Catholic Ba...

FATTORE : From the Italian word fattore meaning "land agent on a farm".

FAUCHER : Means "mower" in French.

FAUCHEUX : Derived from French faucher "to mow".

FAULKNER : Old English for "falconer".

FAURE : Means "blacksmith" in French. It is a regional variant of LEFÉVRE in southern France.

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