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GABLER : Occupational name for someone who made or sold forks, from German gabel "fork".

GABOR : Meaning unknown. Possibly from the Romanian gabor, which is a working class of gypsies.

GABRIELLI : From the given name Gabriello, a variant of GABRIELE (1).

GABRIELS : Derived from the given name GABRIEL.

GABRIELSON : Means "son of GABRIEL".

GADHAVI : Derived from the words Gadh Visa which means "twenty forts". Gadhavis were responsible for the security of forts.

GAERTNER : German variant of GARDNER.

GAGE : Occupational surname deriving either from Old French gauge "measure" (a name for an assayer) or gage "pledge" (a name for a moneylender).

GAGLIARDI : From the adjective gagliardo meaning "very strong".

GAGNE : Derived from French gagnier "to farm".

GAGNIER : Derived from French gagnier "to farm".

GAGNON : Derived from old French gagnon "guard dog". The name most likely started as a nickname for an aggressive or cruel person.

GAJOS : Derived from an old Slavic term gaj or gajdol which meant "to drone" or "to drone out".

GALLAGHER : Anglicized form of the Irish Ó Gallchobhair meaning "descendant of GALLCHOBHAR".

GALLEGO : Means "a person from Galicia" in Spanish. Galicia is a region in northwestern Spain.

GALLO : Means "cock, rooster" from Latin gallus. This was a nickname for a proud person.

GANG : Variant romanization of KANG.

GANZA : From the feminine medieval given name Allegranza or Alleganza. It comes from northern Lombardy.

GARB : Variant of GARBER.

GARBER : Variant of GERBER.

GARCIA : Portuguese form of GARCÍA.

GARCON : French meaning "boy", referring to a servant.

GARCÍA : From a medieval given name of unknown meaning, possibly related to the Basque word hartz meaning "bear".

GARDENAR : Variant of GARDENER (1).

GARDENER (1) : Occupational surname for one who was a gardener.

GARDENER (2) : Possibly derived from the Saxon words gar meaning "a weapon", and dyn meaning "sound, alarm", combined with the termination er.

GARDINER : Variant of GARDENER (1).

GARDINIER : Occupational surname which comes from the old Norman-French word gardinier meaning "gardener".

GARDNER : Variant of GARDENER (1).

GARDYNER : Variant of GARDENER (1).

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