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IANSON : Variant of JANSON.

IBARRA : Derived from the Basque place name Ibarra which, in turn, is derived from Basque ibar "a meadow".

IBBOT : Variant of IBBOTT.

IBBOTT : Matronymic surname derived from the old feminine name Ibota, which in turn was derived from ISABEL, the oldest form of ELIZABETH to be introduced into...

IBSEN : Means "son of IB".

IBÁÑEZ : Means "son of Ibán", Ibán being a variant of JUAN (1).

IDONI : Means "fit, suitable" from the Latin word idoneus.

IGNATIEV : Means "son of Ignati", Ignati being an archaic Bulgarian form of IGNATIUS.

IGNATOV : Means "son of Ignat", Ignat being the Bulgarian form of IGNATIUS.

IGNÁCZ : Derived from the given name IGNÁC.

IHEJIRIKA : Means "the one that I have is greater" in Igbo.

IKEDA : From Japanese 池 (ike) meaning "pool, pond" and 田 (ta) meaning "field".

IKIN : Derived from a diminutive of the medieval given name IDA.

ILBERT : Derived from a Norman French form of the Germanic given name HILDIBERHT.

ILIESCU : Means "son of ILIE".

ILIEV : Means "son of ILIYA".

ILIĆ : Means "son of ILIJA".

ILLÉS : Derived from the given name ILLÉS.

INGERSLEBEN : From the name of the town of Ingersleben, Germany, which meant "Inge's village".


INGESSON : Means "son of INGE".

INGHAM : From an English place name meaning "INGA's homestead".

INGOLFSSON : Means "son of INGÓLFR".

INGRAM : Derived from the Norman French given name ENGUERRAND.

INNOCENTI : From a nickname meaning "innocent" in Italian.

INOUE : Means "above the well", from Japanese 井 (i) meaning "well, mine shaft, pit", an unwritten possessive marker の (no), and 上 (ue) meaning "above, t...

IOANNIDIS : Means "son of IOANNIS" in Greek.

IONESCO : Variant of IONESCU. French-Romanian playwright Eugène Ionesco is a famous bearer of this surname.

IONESCU : Means "son of ION (1)" in Romanian.

IORDANOU : Means "son of JORDAN" in Greek.

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