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KACZKA : Means "duck" in Polish.

KADER (1) : Archaic variant of KUDRNA.

KADER (2) : Derived from the given name KADER (1).

KADLEC : Means "weaver" in Czech.

KAHLER : From a nickname meaning "bald-headed" in German.

KAISER : From Middle High German keiser meaning "emperor". The word originates from the Latin name CAESAR.

KALB : Means "calf" (the animal) in German.

KALBFLEISCH : Occupational surname that indicated a butcher who sold veal meat or a butcher who slaughtered calves. In German kalb means "calf" and fleisch means "m...

KALMÁR : Occupational surname that originated from the vocabulary word kalmár meaning "merchant, trader, trafficker" in Hungarian.

KALOYANCHEV : Means "son of little KALOYAN".

KALOYANOV : Means "son of KALOYAN".

KALUZA : Means "a puddle" in Polish.

KALUŽA : Means "a puddle" in Slovene.

KAMIŃSKI : Originally denoted someone who came from a town called Kamien. Kamien comes from the Slavic word kamiñ meaning "stone".

KANG : Korean form of JIANG (2), from Sino-Korean 姜 (gang).

KAPPEL : Means "a person who lives near or works at a chapel" from Middle High German kappel "chapel".

KARDOS : From kard meaning "sword" in Hungarian. It could have been applied to soldiers, sword makers, or one with a pugnacious nature.

KARGA : Nickname from a Turkish word indicating a "crow".

KARIM : Derived from the given name KARIM.

KARIMI : Derived from the given name KARIM.

KARL : From the given name KARL.

KARLSEN : Means "son of KARL".

KARLSSON : Means "son of KARL".

KARPPINEN : From karppi which means "carp".

KARSTENSEN : Means "son of KARSTEN".

KARTAL : From a nickname meaning "eagle".

KASABIAN : Means "butcher" in Armenian.

KASPAR : Derived from the given name KASPAR.

KASPERSEN : Means "son of KASPER".

KASPRZAK : Means "son of KASPAR".

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