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LAAKSONEN : Derived from Finnish laakso "valley".

LABELLE : Means "fair, good-looking" in French.


LABRIOLA : Originally indicated a person from the town of Abriola in southern Italy.

LACEY : Variant of LACY.

LACHANCE : Means "chance, luck" in French.

LACHAPELLE : Means "the chapel" in French. It was most likely used to denote a person who lived by a church or a chapel.

LACY : Derived from Lassy, the name of a town in Normandy. The name of the town was Gaulish in origin, perhaps deriving from a personal name which was Latini...


LAFRENZ : Variant of LORENZ.

LAGANÀ : Derived from Greek dialects that are spoken in southern Italy, namely in Calabria. It is an occupational surname meaning "greengrocer" (ortolano in It...

LAGER : Means "laurel" in Swedish.

LAGOMARSÌNO : Locative surname of Genoa and surroundings derived from the place name Lagomarsino (near Genoa).

LAGORIO : From a nickname meaning "green-lizard". This little reptile is respected because it supposedly protects against vipers. The surname is typical of the ...

LAGOUNOV : Variant transcription of LAGUNOV.

LAGUARDIA : Originally an occupational surname meaning "sentry" or "sentinel". It also had a locative meaning "watchtower". Fiorello Laguardia (1882-1947) was the...

LAGUNOV : Patronymic name derived from Russian lagun "water barrel". It was most likely used to denote the descendants of a person who made water barrels.

LAHTI : Means "bay, cove" in Finnish.

LAKATOS : Means "locksmith" in Hungarian.

LAM : Cantonese romanization of LIN.

LAMA : Derived from the name place Lama, quite common around Italy.

LAMAR : Originally from a place name in Normandy, which was derived from Old French la mare meaning "the pool".

LAMBERT : Derived from the given name LAMBERT.

LAMBERTI : Derived from the given name LAMBERTO.

LAMON : Locative surname from the name of a village near the city of Belluno. This surname is from the area of Venice.

LANDAU : Derived from the German town of Landau, which meant "land valley".

LANDI : Derived from the given name Lando (see LANCE).

LANDO : Variant of LANDI.

LANDOLFI : From the old Germanic given name Lanawulfa.

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