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PACE : Derived from the Italian given name Pace which meant "peace".

PACHIS : From Greek pachis which means "fat".

PADDON : Variant of PATTON.

PADMORE : Originally indicated a person from Padmore, England.

PADOVAN : Regional form of PADOVANO.

PADOVANO : Originally denoted one who came from the city of Padua (Padova) in Italy.

PAGANI : Variant of PAGANO.

PAGANO : From the old nickname pagano meaning "pagan" (earlier sense "rustic").

PAGE : Occupational name meaning "servant, page". It is ultimately derived (via Old French and Italian) from Greek παιδιον (paidion) meaning "little b...

PAGET : Diminutive of PAGE.

PAHLKE : Means "tall, thin, pole-like" from Old French piel, although it may also have denoted a person who lived by a pole, or who worked with poles.

PAIGE : Variant of PAGE.

PAJARI : Means "boyar" (Russian noble). The name has come from Finland's east where Russian influences are quite strong.

PAKULSKI : Originally denoted a person from Pakuly, Poland.

PALLADINO : From the Italian term palladin meaning "knight".

PALLESEN : Means "son of PALLE".

PALMEIRO : Portuguese form of PALMER.

PALMER : Means "pilgrim", ultimately from Latin palma "palm tree", since pilgrims to the Holy Land often brought back palm fronds as proof of their journey.

PALMISANO : Locative surname from southern Italy. It is from the town of Palmi in the Calabria region.

PALOMER : Means "pigeon keeper" or "mild" from the Late Latin palumbus.

PALOMO : Derived from Spanish palomo "dove".

PALUMBO : From an old medieval regional nickname palumbo meaning "pigeon". It is typical of southern Italy.

PAN (1) : Means "baker", from Old French pain meaning "bread".

PAN (2) : From Chinese 潘 (pān) meaning "water in which rice has been rinsed", and also referring to a river that flows into the Han River.

PANDER : Variant of PENDER (2).

PANDERS : Variant of PENDER (2).

PANDEV : Means "son of Pande", Pande being a diminutive form of PETAR.

PANOSSIAN : Means "son of PANOS".

PANZAVECCHIA : From a nickname meaning "old stomach".

PAPADOPOULOS : Means "son of the priest" from the Greek word papas.

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