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QUARANTA : Means "forty". It comes from a nickname.

QUATTROCCHI : From Italian quattro meaning "four" and occhi meaning "eyes". It is a relatively rare Italian surname, usually found in Sicily.

QUEEN : Means "woman" from Old English cwen which was sometimes used as a given name. In some occurrences the meaning could simply have been "queen" derived f...

QUESHIRE : Probably an unusual variant of CHESHIRE.

QUICK : Derived from Middle English quik or Old English cwic, which both mean "lively".

QUICKLEY (1) : Derived from Middle English quiklich or Old English cwiclic, which both mean "lively".

QUICKLEY (2) : Variant of QUIGLEY.

QUIGG : Variant of QUIGLEY.

QUIGLEY : Anglicized form of Ó Coigligh meaning "descendant of Coigleach", a given name meaning "untidy".

QUINCEY : Variant of QUINCY.

QUINCY : Originally from various place names in Normandy which were derived from the given name QUINTUS.

QUINLAN : From Irish Ó Caoindealbháin, which means "descendant of Caoindealbhán", a given name meaning "comely form".

QUINN : Anglicized form of Irish Ó Cuinn meaning "descendant of CONN".

QUINONES : From various Spanish place names derived from quinon meaning "five". It indicated that the land was divided amongst five people.

QUINTANA : Means "dweller on a piece of land whose rent is one-fifth its produce" from Spanish and Catalan quintana.

QUIRK : Variant of QUIRKE.

QUIRKE : From chroi, a Gaelic word meaning "heart".

QUIRÓS : Denoted a person from one of the various places of this name in Spain. Quirós, the place name, may derive from the Galician queiroa meaning "heather"...