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SAAB : From the Arabic given name Sabah which means "morning".

SAARI : Means "(dweller on) an island" from Finnish saari.

SABBADIN : From sabbato "Saturday", a name for one born on that day of the week.

SACCO : Means "sack-maker" in Italian.

SACHS : From Old German sachs, which means "Saxon". The Saxons were a Germanic tribe, their name ultimately deriving from the Old Germanic word sahs meaning "...

SACKVILLE : From the name of the Norman French town of Saqueneville.

SADIK : From the Turkish word sadik meaning "loyal".

SADLER : Means "saddle-maker" from Old English sadol.

SADOWSKI : Denoted someone who lived in Sadowo, Sadowice or other places beginning with sad- "garden".

SAITO : From Japanese 斎 (sai) meaning "purification, worship" and 藤 (tou) meaning "wisteria". The latter character could indicate a connection to the Fuji...

SALA : Means "worker at a manor house" from Old French salle.

SALAMANCA : Originally indicated a person from Salamanca, in western Spain.

SALAZAR : Means "dweller in the old hall" from the Romance word sala meaning "hall" and the Basque zahar meaning "old". It can also refer to Salazar in Burgos, ...

SALCEDO : Derived from the Latin word salix meaning "willow tree". The name was originally given to one who lived near a willow tree.

SALINAS : Means "(dweller by or worker at) a saltworks" from Spanish salinas.

SALLER (1) : Originally denoted a person from Sallern, Bavaria.

SALLER (2) : Means "(dweller by) a sallow tree" from Middle High German salhe.

SALOMON : Derived from the given name SALOMON.

SALUCCI : Means "salt" in Italian.

SALVAGE : Variant of SAVAGE.

SALVAGGI : Italian form of SAVAGE.

SALVAI : Means "to save" from Italian salvai.

SALVAIL : Variant of SALVAI.

SALVATICI : Italian form of SAVAGE.

SALVAY : Variant of SALVAI.

SALZWEDEL : Originally denoted a person from Salzwedel, Germany, which is of Old Saxon origin meaning "salt ford".

SAMARA : Means "benefit, gain" from Arabic tharama.

SAMPSON : Derived from a medieval form of the given name SAMSON.

SAMS : Derived from the given name SAMUEL.

SAMSA : Derived from a diminutive of the given name SÁMUEL.

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