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TACHIBANA : From Japanese 橘 (tachibana) meaning "orange, tangerine".

TAFANI : From a nickname tàfano meaning "gadfly", indicating an annoying person.

TAGGART : Anglicized form of Irish Mac an tSagairt meaning "son of the priest". This name comes from a time when the rules of priestly celibacy were not strictl...

TAILLER : Means "tailor" from Old French tailleur.

TAILOR : Variant of TAYLOR.

TAKAHASHI : From Japanese 高 (taka) meaning "tall, high" and 橋 (hashi) meaning "bridge".

TAKALA : Means "(dweller in the) back", probably denoting someone who lived in a remote area, from Finnish taka.

TAKENAKA : Means "dweller amongst bamboo", from Japanese 竹 (take) meaning "bamboo" and 中 (naka) meaning "middle".

TAKÁCS : Means "weaver, webster" in Hungarian.

TAMBOIA : Possibly means "drummer" from Italian tamburo.

TAMBOLI : From the Sanskrit word tambul meaning "beetel leaves". These are precious leaves which are used in rituals and worship throughout India. The name was ...

TAMÀRO : From German given names like DIETMAR, Dittmar and so on. It is typical of the area around Trieste in northern Italy.

TAMÁS : Derived from the given name TAMÁS.

TAN : Min Nan romanization of CHEN.

TANAKA : Means "dweller in the rice fields", from Japanese 田 (ta) meaning "field, rice paddy" and 中 (naka) meaning "middle".

TANG : From Chinese 唐 (táng) referring to the Tang dynasty, which ruled China from 618 to 907.

TANGEMAN : Indicated a person from from Tange, Oldenburg. It can also be derived directly from Middle High German tange meaning "sandy ridge between moors".

TANNER : Originally derived from the occupation of the same name - a person who tanned animal hides.

TANZER : Means "dancer" in German.

TANZI : From a short form of the given name COSTANZO.

TAPIA : Means "protective wall" in Spanish.

TAR : Derived from tar meaning "bald" in Hungarian.

TARANTINO : Locational name that designated those who came from Taranto, a city in southeast Italy. A famous bearer of this name is the American director Quentin ...

TARR : Variant of TAR.

TASH : From Middle English at asche "at the ash tree".

TASKER : Middle English taske meaning "task or assignment". A tasker was a person who had a fixed job to do, particularly a person who threshed corn with a fla...

TASSE : From Old French tasse "purse, bag", an occupational name for a maker or seller of purses.

TATE : Derived from the Old English given name Tata, of unknown meaning.

TATHAM : From the place name Tatham, which came from the 7th-century given name Tata and ham meaning "homestead".

TAVERNA : From the place name Taverna, common in different parts of Italy.

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