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WADE (1) : Derived from the Old English place name wade meaning "a ford".

WADE (2) : From the Old English given name Wada, a derivative of the word wadan "to go".

WAGNER : From Middle High German wagener meaning "cartwright". This name was borne by German composer Richard Wagner (1813-1883).

WAHNER : Variant of WAGNER.

WAKEFIELD : Originally indicated a person who came from the town of Wakefield, which means literally "field for the yearly wake or festival".

WALDFOGEL : Means "forest bird", derived from the Old High German words wald meaning "forest" and fogal meaning "bird".




WALKENHORST : Derived from the place name Falkenhorst in Germany, which means "wooded hill inhabited by falcons".

WALKER : Occupational surname for a person who walked on damp raw cloth in order to thicken it. It is derived from Middle English walkere, Old English wealcan.

WALLACE : Means "foreigner, stranger" from the Norman French waleis. It was often used to denote native Welsh and Bretons. A famous bearer was the 13th-century ...

WALLACH : From Middle High German walhe, walch "foreigner from a Romance country", probably a nickname for someone from Italy.

WALLER (1) : Derived from Old French gallier meaning "man with a pleasant temper".

WALLER (2) : Derived from Middle English walle denoting a builder of walls. Sometimes the name may be derived from Middle English welle meaning "(dweller by a) str...

WALLIS : Variant of WALLACE.

WALMSLEY : From an English place name meaning "a clearing in a wood, near a lake".

WALSH : Means "Celtic", from Middle English walsche "foreigner" (related to Welsh).

WALTER : Derived from the given name WALTER.

WALTERS : Derived from the given name WALTER.

WALTERSON : Means "son of WALTER".


WALTHER : From the given name WALTHER.

WALTON : From any of several villages in England, from Old English wald "wood", wall "wall", or wælla "stream, spring" and ton "town".

WALTZ : From a diminutive of the given name WALTHER.

WANG (1) : From Chinese 王 (wáng) meaning "king, monarch". This is the most common surname in China.

WANG (2) : Nickname for someone with round or rosy cheeks, from Middle Dutch waenge, "cheek".

WANG (3) : Place name for someone who lived on or near a grassy area, from Middle German wang, literally "cheek", but also in southern German having the sense "g...

WANG (4) : Nickname for a Jew from Hungary, ultimately from Russian Vengria "Hungary".

WANG (5) : Variant of VANG (1).

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